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The China Princess

How to start :
First click the button "Start" on the left,then click "Play" after the game loading.
Description :

Today we have chance to meet a beautiful China princess ,and learn about Chinese nation's clothing culture .Then help dress up the China Princess .There are many customs in the country,so let’s learn together first . Look at the picture ,the China princess wears a princesses crown ,which is so expencive and made by deffierent pearls and jewels.Each princess has only one crown .So try all of them on one by one and pick the best one for the beautiful China princess .Hair should be set up ,it’s a custom.Every girl should follow the customs .Look !the dresses are so beautiful ,but all of them so long .No matter how hot the weather is ,they should wear the long dresses .The shose and accessories are not have many customs requires ,so they can wear them ,if they want .In the past ,the China Princess usually put rouge on their cheeks to make their faces pretty .So don’t forget to learn how to use them . OK ! So much customs .Girls ,you can help the princess dress up now .Have fun !

Instructions :
  • mouseleft control
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    Baby Hazel is the sweetest and cutest baby,she likes to play The China Princess,enjoy baby hazel games with her.

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